Agreement to participate in the tour

Please fill out the necessary information when participating in a tour run by Kagoshima Kayaks.

  • Please understand that this tour and project will be conducted in nature, so please understand that it may be dangerous.
  • There are thorns and poisonous creatures in the sea, so please do not touch them unnecessarily.
  • The route may change depending on the weather or the condition of participants.
  • Please follow the instructions of the guide. Please refrain from any behavior that may cause trouble to other participants.
  • If you have a chronic illness, please be sure to let us know in advance. (If you become unwell even after the tour or project has started, please let us know immediately.)
  • Please note that there are no hospitals nearby and ambulances may not be able to approach some areas as this is a natural setting.
  • We will provide shared waterproof bags for your valuables, so please manage them together.
  • In the unlikely event that an injury occurs, we will cover the damage within the scope of your accident insurance.
  • I agree that the images I have taken may be used on websites, etc. *Please let us know if it is inconvenient.
  • During the tour, there is a possibility that unforeseen accidents may occur, which may result in damage, damage, or loss of property, bodily injury, or life-threatening accidents.



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    Blood type*

    About your physical condition

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    Please write if you have anything you would like to tell the guide.

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